Kitesurf – Kiteboard Holidays in Los Barriles

Los Barriles is a kiters’ paradise with long wide uncrowded sandy beaches, clear blue waters and glorious sunshine.

From November through April each year the East Cape region of Baja California Sur is blessed with the “El Norte” winds that blow down the Sea of Cortez.
The wide plain laying just South of Los Barriles bay has an accelerator effect on the wind drawing in and boosting its strength typically from mid-morning to late afternoon.
The El Norte winds tend to come in spells lasting several days with a few calm days between. Obviously winds can vary from year to year but typically we can expect 55 to 60% windy days each season – more for those riding the increasingly popular hydrofoil kite boards.


For launching and landing there is a wide sandy and uncrowded beach stretching for several miles in both directions.
Winds invariably blow cross shore from left to right, typically starting around 11am and shutting down around 5pm.
Winds strengths range from a steady breeze to very strong with a typical day averaging around 18 to 23 knots.
Some sections of the beach experience moderate to heavy shore-break on windier days and there are a few clearly visible sections which can be rocky at in the latter parts of the season, but there are always plenty of easy entry points and exit points available.
The cross-shore winds mean there is ample space for all riders on the water to enjoy the occasionally sizable swells beloved of the surfboard style riders.
Winds are relatively constant only becoming a little gusty late in the day especially in the most downwind area of the bay.


The sea is free from submerged hazards there are no strong tides or currents. The shape of the bay and the wind direction ensure even in the worst-case scenario that ultimately all riders will be brought to shore. (We do of course also provide a safety lookout and assistance)
There are few obstructions along the long wide and relatively empty beach, which is a considerable distance from the nearest road and traffic.


Vela Baja prides itself on offering an extensive range of modern well-maintained kitesurfing equipment to suit all conditions, rider size, ability and style of preferred riding.

Kitesurf Board Collection of Cabrinha

Boards & Kites

Boards and kites are from world leading brand Cabrinha.
We have an extensive range of twin tips as well as Surfboards and Foil boards.
The majority of kites are current year models and cover sizes from 5m to 14m.

Kitesurf Rental

We offer as flexible approach as possible to rentals to suit all customer requirements.
Kitesurf rentals are on a “time purchase” basis leaving customers free to chop and change either to try out alternative equipment or to suit prevailing conditions. Rentals start at a minimum of half day (up to 3hrs rental) with prices being discounted for longer rental periods when booked in advance. Rental equipment must be returned to the Centre by close of business each day and for safety reasons all material must be checked out and in with a member of staff. Rentals are on a “per-person” basis and are not transferable. ( We do offer some special “share packages” designed to accommodate parents with children that may not be left unattended).

Special Rates

We offer special rates for “board only” or “kite only” rentals -please see price list for details.

IKO Certification

For safety reasons Kite material will only be rented to riders able to present a valid IKO “independent kiter” certification or some other reasonable means to demonstrate competence.
Riders without out such documentation will be required to undertake a “Pre-rental assessment” at additional cost to the rental rate – please see price list for details.


“Special bonus exclusive for guests of Playa Del Sol or Palmas de Cortez with 3 or more days Windsurf or Kitesurf rental package a FREE Upgrade to the Premium Super Sports Package when purchasing a Standard Sports Package – click here for details”


  • The rental price includes unlimited use of standard twintip board and kite during normal business hours for the duration of the rental period.
  • Kite surf boards and Foil Boards are also available at extra cost – please see price list.
  • P.f.d’s and (Personal flotation devices) if required, are included at no extra charge.

Not Included

  • The rental price does not include wetsuit, harness, booties or helmet. These items are can be rented at additional cost or purchased from our on-site shop.

Kitesurf Lessons

Whether you are a total beginner an improver ready to take it to the next level or an advanced rider wanting to further hone your skills, our team of qualified, experienced and patient instructors is on-hand to help you achieve your goals.

We generally adopt an effective one-on-one approach to lessons ensuring maximum progress (and safety).

Whilst lesson and course content does have an outline structure, our instructors will tailor each and every lesson to fit the individual students exact needs.

Lessons will typically include some theory, as well as on-water time.
Lessons are available for a minimum 2hrs and are discounted for extended or multiple lessons or courses.

All courses include all equipment needed.

Please see our price list for full details.


Prefer to use your own gear?

We can provide covered storage for your gear right on the beach.
Kites may be left fully inflated and there are fresh water hoses available to rinse your gear after each session.

We also provide on site hot showers and safe storage for wetsuits and harnesses etc

For full details of storage rates, please consult the kitesurf price list.

Beach full of Kites


Kitesurf Equipment Rental

  • Kite plus twin-tip
    per half day (up to 3hrs)
  • Kite plus twin-tip
    per day
  • Twin-tip board
    per day – board only
  • Surf board
    per day – board only
  • Hydrofoil kite board
    per day – board only


    per day
  • PFD
    per day
    per day
    per day
    per day

Kitesurfing Lessons

  • From Zero to Hero
    learn to kite one-on-one (8hrs)
  • From Zero To Hero DUO
    475$ pp
    learn to kite with a friend (8hrs)
    Pre-rental assessment. Safety First!
  • Advanced 2 hours
    Private Lesson
  • Advanced 6 hours
    Private Lesson
  • Advanced 8 hours
    Private Lesson
  • Hydrofoil Kite Lesson
    1 hour – includes all necessary equipment


  • 1 week
    including use of facilities
  • 1 month
    including use of facilities

“Special bonus exclusive for guests of Playa Del Sol or Palmas de Cortez with 3 or more days Windsurf or Kitesurf rental package a FREE Upgrade to the Premium Super Sports Package when purchasing a Standard Sports Package – click here for details”