kite lessons

After a great season, Kites lessons at Vela Baja have now concluded. They will commence again early November.

Big swell at Vela Baja

As the season draws to a close …. we are busy……. packing up 🙂


Rick Lowrey

Rick Lowrey a major player in the establishment of Vela Baja passed away March 16.

All at Vela Baja pass there sincere condolences to Ricks family.

His strength of character will be be fondly remembered and sorely missed.


Hans, One of Vela’s awesome volunteers shows he can do way more than stretch as he rides the waves at North beach – start of many a kiteboarding downwinder session.

Kitesurfing at Vela Baja

Mateo slashing the lip at Vela Baja in Los Barriles, B.C.S