Mateo shows how it’s done.

Kitefoiling at Vela Baja – rentals and lessons available

Where it all begins


LP Kite and windsurf Hydrofoils  – now at Vela Baja

Baja Taxi

Jordi used Uber to get a lift up the beach


Eric’s first windfoil session – no harness – but hooked never the less

Playa Del Sol

Home of Vela Baja

2016 Los Barriles Carnival Queen

It’s not all about Kite,Bike,Dive and Windsurf in Los Barriles – there is beautiful scenery too

kiteboarding at Vela Baja

The first El Norte of the season and all the staff made the most of it.

Super moon kiss

New windsurf instructor Eric, is over the moon to be in Baja as part of the team this season

Iguana basking

The team are back and need to get busy getting the centre ship-shape and spick and span ready for the first guests who are sure to be rolling in very soon … but the trouble is, as Charlie the Iguana was explaining too us  – it’s simply WAY too hot for any kind of exertion right now..