Stand Up Paddle on the Sea of Cortez

– a magical experience –

It is early morning, totally calm, and you’re a few hundred meters from shore on a Stand up Paddleboard.

In the dim pre-dawn light you can just make out the shapes of your friends and family nearby on their own boards and the tranquil serenity is only disturbed by the distant singing of humpback whales and the occasional clap of a mobela ray as it leaps from the water. As the dull red glow on the horizon intensifies the hues change through the spectrum from shades of purple orange and yellow until suddenly the sun bursts forth in a blaze of glorious light. Looking back to shore the spectacular backdrop of the Sierra de la Laguna Mountains is now visible, bathed in glorious dawn colors. Now it is bright enough for you to see the majestic shapes of the whales as they cruise past and witness the flight of the leaping rays. As you head back to shallower waters and cruise along the coastline myriad varieties of fish are visible in the crystal clear waters.

SUP with Vela Baja

Stand Up Paddle Boarding (better known as SUP) combines elements of surfing and kayaking in a fun, easy to do activity suited to all family members.

Located in the charming village of Los Barriles on the East Cape of the Sea of Cortez, Vela Baja offers the perfect location for a magical SUP experience.

No prior experience is required and our experienced guides are on hand to show the basic technique and provide any necessary assistance. Formal lessons are also available.

We are equipped with a large fleet of boards coming in all styles from well-known brands Neil Pryde, Imagine and Starboard.

In addition to the traditional rigid boards, we now have a fleet of easily transportable inflatable boards that facilitate the possibility for more adventurous tours such as down-winders, coastal sightseeing, SUP & Snorkel and group specific customized adventures.

SUP at Full Moon

The Sea of Cortez is the Aquarium of the world

Jean Jacques Cousteau

Equipment rentals

Rentals start at a minimum of 1hr with prices being discounted for longer rental periods when booked in advance.

All equipment must be returned to the Centre by close of business each day and for safety reasons all material must be checked out and in with a member of staff.

Necessary safety equipment is included e.g. board leash and p.f.d (personal flotation device) and assistance in carrying equipment for those who require it.


No local insurance is available for SUP, Kayak or Snorkel gear rentals.

Use of all equipment and participation in all activities is a own and 3rd party risk.

Any damage or loss of equipment will be charged for.

SUP Rental prices

  • 1 hour
  • Half day (3hrs)
  • Full day

Other Equipment prices

  • Kayak
    per hour
  • Kayak
    per day
  • Snorkel, mask and fins
    per day
  • Wetsuit
    per day

Introduction Lesson

  • Suitability: For total novices of all ages. A basic level of physical fitness and an ability to swim are required.
  • Course content: Our experienced instructors provide an introduction to SUP, the equipment, safety and basic stance and paddle techniques and then lead you on your first ever SUP adventure tour on which you will experience the magic of SUP on the sea of Cortez.
  • Included: All equipment required plus instruction and guiding.

Lesson prices

  • Introduction Lesson
    $60 pp
    1 hour

Stand up paddle coastal and snorkel tours

Suitability: Groups of 4 to 8 persons. Prior SUP experience recommended.

Vela offers as Flexible approach to our tours to suit all customer requirements. We’ll bring snorkeling gear, paddle boards, paddles, everything you need including some refreshments for hydration – we’ll even pack our GoPro to take some action shots of you on and in the water.

Snorkeling in the sea of Cortez is one of the top things on everyone’s “to-do” list. And Paddle Boarding is one of our favorite things to do, so it only made sense to us to create unique tours so you get to experience the best of both .

Our home base tour departs from the Playa del Sol Hotel Paddling along the coast towards the Rock spot with a tremendous amount of exotic marine species. All you need to bring is your sense of adventure and our guides can tell you all about the marine life that you will see as you snorkel an paddle along .

We also provide customized adventure tours to paddle and snorkel in some spots that aren’t easily accessible from land. These tours are great to get a new perspective of the pristine Baja waters

Tour prices

  • Coastal Tour
    $65 pp
    3-4 hours (min 4 pers)
  • Customized Tour
    $85 pp
    includes transportation, prices start at $85 per person (min 4 pers)

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